Agenda ? Workshops? Perspectives? Future?


Dear creatives, dear friends, dear customers, 

it is high time after such a long period of silence

for an update of information,

a difficult communication / decision


in 1998 I started as a secondary occupation with giving flower arranging lessons under the name CréYArté (creativity and art), apparently I already knew intuitively that it would not stop here and I effectively a few years later also started giving national and international training courses and workshops in Powertex & Gallosh Art products / techniques / models and this in main profession. 


A busy successful time of which I have many beautiful memories, a time in which I myself gained a lot of creative and artistic experiences, a knowledge that I in turn passed on to a large audience, nationally but also worldwide, in my studio and later also through my online platform, during that period I made a lot of contacts, built up close relationships with a lot of people and with whom i experienced many beautiful moments, with whom I shared friendship and sorrow, in the many life workshops we very often have laughed a lot, every so often we shared our frustrations, sorrow and tears ... numerous anecdotes have been collected, together we have made hundreds of models ... what a great time, so many nice memories.


We have become one big family, many of you are now in contact / friends with each other via social media - privately or in Powertex groups. 


That is why it is very difficult for me to inform you that under the pressure of the whole Corona happening, which has been a severe trial for many of us and perhaps still is, but which has in any case severely disturbed me mentally and has made me think very much about life several times, Jean and I have often asked ourselves how things should continue in the future, ... and yes, none of us really know, but at the moment it doesn't look like it yet , that in spite of the fact that we can look a bit more positively in the meantime, we will not be rid of that naughty beast soon yet so we can already resume a normal life, even though there are vaccinations.


Given my imminent retirement date at the beginning of July this year, the many years of diligent work, Jean and I have therefore decided, partly because we have already become accustomed to the new rhythm of life and the adjusted lifestyle, that we will no longer restart the workshops in the studio, even if the government allows it again, we are going to embark on a new life path together, namely making more time for each other, practicing our free time more intensely - photography, walking, cycling, more trips / appointments / making time for / with family and friends, traveling, participating in exhibitions, gardening ... and of course also sculpting and painting.


We are both getting older :-( and the statement "every moment matters" therefore applies more to us every day.


It goes without saying that we will of course keep in touch with most of you, at least for those who still want to, but only as private friends. 

I was / we were not at all ready for this turnaround mentally, but this period of reflection, this transition time, the virus, our health, our age, our mind, our heart have accelerated the thought process and realized it differently. 

So we follow our intuition, our heart, our instinct, we will take care of our well-being, look for inner peace, a new balance ... many will possibly be shocked by this news and / or also be disappointed in us, especially if we see the many messages on fb see like… hopefully see you soon … but in life you sometimes have to make choices, make decisions… and this one is really 1 of the most difficult believe me / us. 


What does this mean in concrete terms in terms of time and availability of data regarding the workshops, online workshops, courses, models, material?


Find below more info/an overview:


Workshops in Studio:

- no more life workshops 


Online workshops: 

- the online workshops & technology courses remain for sale

- the purchased workshops / technology sets remain available


Sale of hobby material:

Over the past years, I have gathered a lot of hobby materials for both private use and business, of course I still keep a lot of it myself, but there are also products that I am going to get rid of. Before I put these for sale on second hand sites, I offer you the opportunity to purchase them at reduced prices. I am thinking of my remaining Powertex stock, canvases, textiles,  glitter & glamor jars, mixed media materials, polystyrene foam, molds, marbles, stones, templates, stamps, fabrics (ribbons, felt, wool, ..., flower arranging material (bobbins, floral foam, pots, decoration, ...) 

Are you interested in this, you can join the following closed fb group on which I will regularly post photos and offers


or if you are not on fb via mail, whatsapp or messenger, …

pls let me in the following contact form


Sales Workshop Models:

In addition, I also have some workshop models that I am going to sell, I will also offer these to you first, for either your private use, or 4 you to give as a gift, as a souvenir to me / us, as a workshop model use for your studio.
 I also have the basic frames of some models (interesting for instructors). 
Info offer also via the fb group above or mail (fill out contactform above).


If you no longer wish to be informed of activities / offers, any new online workshops, you can unsubscribe at the bottom of this newsletter. In that case, we wish to thank you now from the bottom of our hearts for the time we spent together, your purchases, your creations, your trust… your friendship. 


At all

Stay careful. Stay safe. Stay corona free. Stay healthy.

Be creative.

Creativity is good for your body and mind. 

I hope we have somehow moved a stone in your creative life,

meant something to you.

Love & see you ...wherever whenever ...?

With love, hugs & kisses,

Clemy & Jean

Clemy Roelandt