what a fantastic product

what a success story

universal & unique

something for everyone





The big success story

of this Belgian product,

designed and operated by

the Belgian artist Brigitte Grade

started in 2002.


In the initial phase the Powertex became liquid

mainly used as a hardener

from natural and absorbent materials

such as cotton, wool, hair, fibers, ...



Numerous worn out, too big or too small jeans pants,

cotton shirts, knitted t-shirts & pulls, ...

grandmothers crocheted wipes, old sheets, ...

were transformed into new creations / got new destinations

which decorated many living rooms, ...

but also gardens were brightened up ...


thanks to the weather resistance of the product

inventive planters were made,

fishermen, frogs, ... 

 Over the years, in combination,

with the now extensive Powertex range of nice extra products,

such as plaster sculptures, stone art, varnish, pigments, bisters, ...

phototransfer medium,

craquelé and rust powder, structure pastes, ...

as well as many other Mixed Media materials, ...

the creative and artistic possibilities have become truly infinite.


Both creative, beginners or advanced,

hobbyists as artists get and have unlimited possibilities

for their creativity, art & style.



this has often not been without trial and error,

often with many disappointments and failures,

to start all over again ... and frustrations.


Like me,

it took a long time

to apply the techniques in the right way,

to get to know products

and because of this a lot of (unnecessary or extra)

money and time has been spent.

Many (unfinished and / or unsuccessful) models

over time moved to the attic or cellar,

to finally end up at the container park

without even mentioning the numerous products

which stayed in the cupboard many years after the disappointing results.



all this, often because there is insufficient product knowledge (was)

and thus wrong choices were (or are) made

in terms of material use / technique,

insufficiently stable base structure built,

the coloring that goes wrong, ...

1001 reasons ... 1001 frustrations ...

because of creations that one did not succeed




As a certified florist at Syntra in Ghent,

I gave flower arranging workshops in 1998 as a secondary occupation

and I visited numerous garden centers in Belgium,

looking for nice pots, drying materials, ribbons, inspiration, ...

so also one day I went on a trip

to the large garden center 'Gaby' in Leuven somewhere

and there I saw for the first time,

besides many other nice creations,

that one big beautiful sympathetic-looking frog

which I immediately fell in love with

(no, not my frog, Jean, haha I met that prince much earlier ;-) ...

this frog was made with ... indeed Powertex ...

and that also became mine

1st Powertex 3D creation in 2007


and so I had a strong desire to learn more

and searched for information and workshops


during my sick leave (burn out)

i went to an Antwerp artist Carla Torhout

who worked with photos, texts, natural materials

and who gave painting workshops too


Here is a pPhoto of my first painting made with her.

I then started experimenting a lot,

followed left and right workshops, trainings, ...

until the day, in 2009, 10 years ago,

this to make a long story short, that Brigitte Grade,

the day after my open door days came to see me,

this on the recommendation of a Powertex Tutor Ingrid Weygers.

Immediately upon her visit to my studio and after having seen my creations,

having discussed my professional and creative experiences,

my language skills,

Brigitte has asked me to become Train the Trainer of Belgium

and later also International trainer.

Meanwhile, many years have passed

and I have trained many people from home and abroad,

similarly some of the International Powertex distributors,

hundreds of private individuals, ...

I have participated in the development of the

3 Powertex DVDs (editing / translations),

made models for exhibition and book publications commissioned by Brigitte ...

I estimate i in the meantime created more than 1001 models

(animals, paintings, home & garden decoration),

1001 workshops given, new trends set,

(new) product tests carried out, new recommendations made,

model descriptions made,

to help write and translate books, participated at fairs, ...

launched my successful online 365 color days project, ...

in addition, I am also working with nice other materials,

such as marble powder, acrylic binders, inks, pouring mediums, ...

with which i make paintings with my Gallosh hat on.


Why am I telling all this now,

absolutely not to boast,

but rather to show,

that after so many years i have plenty of experience orking with

Powertex & Mixed Media materials,

and that i can call me an expert in the field,

next to that with my many years of training,

most of you who know me for some time

can confirm that the next sentence is my great motivation



and I also effectively implement this motto

in my courses, workshops, online videos, work descriptions, ...

with enthusiasm and passion

in my studio and live via online workshops,

e-books and e-tutorials,

my website, facebook,

my global Facebook group with more than 2000 members



I have been making notes for years

about everything that has to do with Powertex,

my experiences, my workshops, ...

do's and don'ts, tips & tricks, ...


Over the years I have collected almost everything

what was published on Powertex books, flyers, promo sheets, ...

indeed I am an avid collector

and a truly passionate Powertex addict

like I think many of you are too.


This is how the idea of my dream has been brewing for a very long time,

namely to put all that gathered information, experience, expertise, ...

in a nice library,

actually to create a beautifully arranged unique reference book,

such that all these theoretical and acquired practical knowledge


in a large complete digital reference book

of 1001 pages and more ...


I just want to make this happen for myself,

but especially also for you

my customers, tutors, Powertex freaks & addicts, ...


There are, as I wrote,

with all the extra Powertex products,

in the meantime so many (more) possibilities

that some people no longer see the trees through the forest,

have completely lost the north,

let alone not know how to start,

what to do, what not to do, ...

which processes to follow,

which techniques to apply, ...

the more because not always all shown

and explained information on the internet,

is correct in videos or in a workshop,

one says so, the other something else, ...



Mhhh, I'm not that old yet ;-)

and I hope to be able continue creating, sharing, ...

and no, I do not want to stop ...

I would like to be healthy and active upto my 100 years,

but one never knows what fate has in store with you

and that's why I want to start now

to make all the necessary preparations

to realise my great reference book of knowledge transfer,

mainly because I realize that with my busy & successful agenda

from the previous years and still now,

such a book is not written with a mouse click.

If i would have to wait till the finished book can be published

that would mean, even if I would start writing now,

you would have to wait for some more years to come


so I came up with a concept,

that will make it easier for me to make

my dream little by little become reality, ...

namely by realizing my dream step by step,


the large complete magical technique and information book,

in lumps and page per page


 similar to the color project

that I started early this year and for which

received a lot of response worldwide

and lots of favorable reactions.


The whole online book concept is now firmly established

(in my head and partly on paper)

and will therefore be step-by-step
the next days and weeks be worked out further

with great motivation and expertise.

Actually, the idea originated and grew on the basis of

a memory from my childhood.

At that time you could buy a booklet every week at the newspaper trade,

namely a part of the Summa Encyclopedia series.

Thus the budget of purchase was spread over years

and you could gradually build a nice and complete encyclopedia,

a financial expense my parents could not afford.

I have during my study years and also much later

consulted these abc booklets dozens of times

to find out what to do,

that was indeed still in time

that the animals still spoke and no internet existed yet.


In the meantime, each of us has a computer and internet connection,

but I myself, still am a paperwoman and so there are still many if I may believe it.


You lose a lot of hours while searching on the web, you see many other things in the meantime come along, you lose yourself in the info, the offers, the many links,

you get lost, ... and in the end you do almost not even remember

what you were actually looking for; )

and you are hours later but not a step further.


The book will consist of at least 33 parts (you read that correctly),

be supported with online video  technique recordings / info sheets,

so it will not be a meter-high or 10kg weighing physical book,

but one that you yourself little by little can start composing / saving /

(re)viewing according to interest,

according to your own needs and budget, selection 

if you want to have/buy the pages of the online book

whether or not to print it and keep it in nicely personalized folders.


The chapters and pages will each time be numbered separately

according to section and you can put together your collection,

your own collection folders.

The videos can be saved on your youtube account

or revisited on my website or my youtube channel.


cheepers, what an introduction
why am i telling you all this

What can you expect ?


a unique & exclusive project spread over a longer period

and proposed in several separate sets

a reference book with correct material info & lots of techniques


easy to more advanced techniques


forgotten or unknown and exclusive techniques

techniques of all Powertex Products,

in combination with many others

creative and artistic Mixed Media materials

(such as acrylic binder, marble powder, patinas, inks, pouring, linseed oil, ...)


professional knowledge building and coaching of an expert

tips & tricks

inspiration & interesting links

a nice constant layout

pdf documents that you print / save

(other color range per category)

numbered pages per category

logical layout

lifetime access

nicely illustrated with lots of photos and/or info&technique videos


What will be proposed?

What are you going to discover?


product & technique info in theory and practice

about numerous basic products from the Powertex range


extensive number of Powertex techniques


lots of material and technique info & combinations

with several other Mixed Media products



Who is it meant for ?

in short, for everyone

starters, creatives & artists

beginners and advanced



Why would you want to buy it ?

correct, faster and better knowledge building

in terms of information and techniques,

in theory and in practice


better stable frame building

better proportions of sculptures

better proportions/compositions paintings

better insight

better color use

nice(er) results

less frustration

less product consumption

lifetime available info

because creating makes you happy

you can work individually more easily

you can work at your own pace

you can work in your own place

good basis for becoming a tutor

because you can more easily develop your own style

with the right knowledge

lifetime available info


you build up more product knowledge and thus have more quality assurance

important aspect towards your customers

in respect of selling of your creations / artworks


more self-confidence and better knowledge transfer during your workshops

get more trust from your customers

have more confidence


more inspiration

more motivation

more creativity

more and better self-development


When does the project start ?
Data is available.

You can purchase from now onwards any time.




 What will it cost ?
The price will depend on the section/the volume you buy.

Sections can be bought separately.

If you decide to start with 1 set only, or 1 chapter only,

there is no buying obligation for more sets or chapters.

See overview possibilities below.

per separate SET 

content = mix of info products/techniques

SET 1 =  days 001 t/m 091 = € 99,00

SET 2 =  days 092 t/m 182 = € 99,00

SET 3 =  days 183 t/m 274 = € 99,00

SET 4 = days 274 t/m 365 = € 99,00

SET 5 = = days 275 t/m 395 = € 35,00


 How & Where can i buy it ?
Via my Webshop
Via Banktransfert

 How will it be proposed/delivered ?


How do you get access ?

Upon receipt payment, you will get a registration link and password

to access the respective purchase. 


After payment,you get resp. the purchased set (s)

= resp. amount of days,

every day a mail with a following online info sheet and/or online video.


The information remains available for life.


You can save the information on your computer via pdf documents and / or printing.

You can also store the videos on your own computer channels if you wish.





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