Hi you, hi everyone,


First and foremost, thank you very much

for purchasing one or more sets

of the 365 technIque days project.


As you have been able to read on my original info sales page,

there will be plenty of themes, products and techniques,

many of which will also be shown with a short technique video.


Every day you will receive an email from me

during your registration period

with a link to a new info and / or technique page (video).


You can save the e-book pages on your computer

(either in your mail folders system or better still on your desktop)

and / or print them

and save them in a nice information folder,

which will gradually be growing ;-)


You can also save the videos on your PC, google or youtube channel.

If you do not want to burden your computer / mail,

everything remains available through my website for life.


The information pages are always sorted according to

the basic product or main technique used.


You can then save it similarly

on your computer and / or in your folder.


Each page thus receives a page reference


starting with an abbreviation of the main product used,

followed with a number.


The assigned numbers are only meant as reference

and are not suited to any info sequence,

this to bring a nice mix,

for beginners and advanced,

without really having to take into account

everyone's level of knowledge.


Furthermore, I have created an excel document

for myself that I also like to share with you.


Every 30 days I will complete this

with the previous page info, including 'tags'.


With these tags you can use the filter function

for example show/extract all pages

in which crackle technique / info was mentioned / shown.


Unfortunately, due to a technical problem,

I can not make a direct link to every page.


Each theme / product or technique group

gets a separate color, not only does it look beautiful

in your information folder,

but you can also find more information about a bundle more easily. 



Possibly there are some errors in the system, I hope not,

if so i like to hear suggestions for improvement/adjustments,

which I try to convert for improvement

if technically and practically possible.


I wish you a lot of success and I hope that this reference work

adds an extra dimension to your creative knowledge and creations.


Do not hesitate to ask questions, suggestions, ...

get in touch, at all times i am open to positive feedback

and ready to give answers / solutions in as far as possible.


Do not forget that there are also some extra free pages

that can be added to your documentation via the blog

if you feel they are of any interest to you. 



Microsoft Excel Table 13.6 KB

Clemy Roelandt